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Bespoke Training

What is SSHC Bespoke Islamic Finance Training?

Simply Sharia Human Capital (SSHC) offers Bespoke Training Programmes designed to meet the aims of an organisation; specifically tailored to take into account the business model and current skills and knowledge of a workforce. Our trainers will develop a custom-made curriculum, delivery programme and training days, ensuring the best outcome for the client.

Topics Covered Include*

  1. An Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance
  2. Islamic Banking Operations & Products
  3. Regulations, Rules and Basic Laws in IF Jurisdictions
  4. Sharia: Process, Audit and Compliance
  5. Sharia Compliant Financing of Real Estate
  6. Islamic Financial Products:  Structures & Design
  7. Islamic Capital Markets
  8. Takaful
  9. Sukuk: Structures, Management & Risk
  10. Islamic Asset & Fund Management

Key features

  • Bespoke Islamic Finance will deliver real commercial value, providing an overview of IF principles and products
  • Our Trainers will work closely with the client to consult on programme methodology, content and level to meet your needs
  • Bespoke Training will conclude with a SSHC certificate of successful completion
  • Deliver material is rich in practical examples, based on empirical evidence, and encouraging audience participation through case studies and role play
  • Ongoing assessment will ensure progress and learning 

Bespoke Formats

We offer a wide range of formats for bespoke programmes, making the experience accessible, cost-effective, engaging and time-efficient for companies.

These include:

  • Breakfast/lunchtime seminars
  • Short and long courses: 1 day / 2 day / 3 days
  • Webinars
  • Workshops

For further information about our Bespoke Programme, please email:


*Our programmes are not limited to this list and cover many other areas of Islamic finance.