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Recruitment Options

Recruiters and recruiting companies will need to register and set up an online account with us. The registration is free. Once you have set up your account you can begin choosing the best recruitment option for your needs, from the list below.

Option 1: Job Bundles*

This is the most simple and cost effective way to advertise your job, giving you as an employer direct access to job applicants.

After you set up your account and receive a confirmation email, you can choose the number of vacancies you would like to list by buying ‘Bundles’ correlating to the number of job openings you would like to post.

Once you have bought you ‘Bundles’ you can upload your job posting, directly linking the job post to your site or the Job application form. Jobseekers will apply directly to the company’s Post  and or email the company directly. Each job posting is live for 30 days and can be renewed.

Your Bundles

  • 1 Bundle: Single Job Posting:       £300
  • 3 Bundles: Three Job Postings:    £750
  • 5 Bundles: Five Job Postings:      £1200
  • 10 Bundles: Ten Job Postings:      £2000

Option 2: Client Managed Service (CMS): £1000

The Client Managed Service (CMS) allows the employer to appoint a SSHC representative, who will post job advertisements, vet jobseekers and pick the relevant CVs for the specific job application. SSHC will also upgrade the job post across our social media feeds and other relevant marketing platforms to generate the best visibility. Each job posting is live for 30 days and can be renewed.

Option 3: Search & Select

Our bespoke Search and Select is a specialist executive search service, where our recruiters will work one on one with companies, developing long-term relationships and a greater understanding of their business culture and needs. For further information, including costs, please contact us on







*Bulk Bundles can be used over a period of 12 months