Simply Sharia Human Capital

Nurturing and connecting talent for the Islamic finance industry


Simply Sharia Human Capital (SSHC) specialise in Islamic finance recruitment - our goal is to faciliate the right match between jobseeker and employer.

The Jobseeker

Research has shown that there is a great demand for opportunities in the Islamic finance space. We want to be able to facilitate and cultivate those opportunities, offering jobseekers a dedicated platform in the industry.

Our platform is designed to help you, the Jobseeker create a profile to present your skills and expertise; connecting you with the right markets across the Islamic finance industry.

This recruitment space will allow you to register, upload your CV, connect with employers, find the right tools to enhance your chances to work in Islamic finance and learn about industry insights through videos, blogs and published reports.

Please connect with us via our social media channels for the latest news and career advice.

The Employer

We pride ourselves on the quality of care we offer our clients; understanding their needs and challenges to find the right candidate for internal positions.

At SSHC the Employer can register with us and post any job vacancy, connecting directly with those that apply for the position. We are committed to helping employers recruit the best candidates for the fast-paced and commercially-driven Islamic finance sector.

We also offer employers the option of Client Managed Service and bespoke Search & Select, which allows us to understand the employer’s needs, filter the right candidates and assess suitability for specific roles. These services are also a key way in which Employers can achieve a significant reduction in their recruitment spend. For more information, please contact