Simply Sharia Human Capital

Nurturing and connecting talent for the Islamic finance industry

About Us

Simply Sharia Human Capital is dedicated to providing services that will enhance the accessibility and expansion of the Islamic finance industry; nurturing a knowledgeable and highly skilled human capital ecosystem.

Today, Islamic finance is an estimated $1.3 trillion industry and growing at a rate of 15% and 20% per year. It is widely recognised that there is and will be a shortage of skilled professionals working in this sector. We also know that for thousands of people around the world it is their dream and desire to work in Islamic finance.

So we have come together with elite stakeholders best equipped to understand Islamic finance's human capital challenges, with an offering to:

  • Enhance the industry’s human capital offering
  • Connect those interested in Islamic finance with employers and educators on one single  platform
  • Build an exciting and innovative online community, where people can share knowledge, ideas, jobs and a vision to strengthen the professional future of the industry